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Car Seat Installation Tips To Keep Your Child Safe

Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

Car Seat Installation Tip #1

Proper safety starts with making sure you have the right type of seat for the age and weight of your child. Babies require rear-facing seats while older children (at least one-year-old and more than 20 pounds) can graduate to forward-facing seats and finally older children (between 40-80 pounds and up to 4’9″ tall) can use booster seats. One thing to keep in mind is that five-point harnesses are recommended for all seats other than booster (though some booster seats now offer that option.)

Many parents move their children to forward facing or booster seats too young and at too low of a weight class. It is important that both age and weight conditions are met before you consider moving your child to a different type of seat.

Car Seat Installation Tip #2

Now that you have your seat picked out, make sure you read the manual that came with the child seat. Every seat is slightly different and the manufacturers instructions will tell you everything you need to know about the seat, as well as phone numbers to call if you have questions specific to it.

Car Seat Installation Tip #3

Make sure to place the child seat on the centre part of the backseat, the position many professionals recommend as the safest placement option, and secure it properly using a tether system. Tether systems have become common in newer vehicles and offer lower anchors and tethers that help keep child seats in place. Many automotive shops now offer to install anchors in older vehicles as well.

After this stage take the seat and try to move it by grasping near the base where the safety belt passes through, if it moves more than an inch to either side or forward, it needs to be tightened. Putting your weight in to the seat using your knee is an easy way to help tighten the belt properly.

Car Seat Installation Tip #4

Ensure that the seat is reclined at the proper angle, many seats provide indicators that tell you exactly how it should be placed for optimum safety. The angle of the car seat is important as most vehicle seats are built with adult comfort in mind and not child seat safety. Because babies airways are narrow and their necks not as strong as older kids, being in a position where their head could fall forward could result in their airway being blocked and make it impossible for the baby to breathe. If your seat doesn’t have an adjustable pedestal use a tightly rolled up towel or piece of a pool noodle to help prop up the part of the seat where your babies feet are. If you are planning to go out for vacation or any family outing, we suggest you to hire travel from Azlimo, visit

Car Seat Installation Tip #5

Before you are ready to strap your child in make sure the straps are at the right level. Many seats have three levels; the two lower are for rear-facing configurations and the highest one is for forward-facing. Once you are ready to strap your child in, be aware of how tight the straps are and make sure they lay flat. Also make sure the retainer clip is across the breastbone so that the straps are less likely to slip off your child’s shoulders. With a five-point harness system you should be able to fit two fingers between the clip and the chest. If the harness is too loose your child is at risk of becoming dislodged from the seat in a collision.

Car Seat Installation Tip #6

While all these steps are important, perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that using a recalled seat or one that has previously been in an accident is never okay. Recalls are in place for a reason, something as simple as a faulty buckle could result in horrible injuries or death. Any seat that has been in an accident has been compromised and should be destroyed.

Car Seat Installation Tip #7

If you are still concerned about child seat safety and have questions on whether you’ve installed your child seat properly, look in to a workshop or open house near you. Many companies, local emergency services and parenting groups have started offering car seat installation inspections.

Brilliant RV Interior Design Ideas

Tuesday, May 14th, 2019

If you have an older RV, you may wish to consider a little interior design to give it a new lease of life. Even the most swish of RVs tend to look a little jaded after a while, and even if everything is still in good repair, there are still often plenty of things that you might want to do to improve the way your RV looks and feels, and to make it work better for your particular tastes and needs.

The good news is that RV interior design ideas can be found that suit all budgets and tastes. Giving the inside of your RV an overhaul does not need to break the bank – especially if you are prepared to get your hands dirty and do at least some of the work yourself.

In this article, we will begin with some general tips for RV interior design before looking at some simple, yet wonderful interior design ideas for each part of your vehicle at So, whether you live full-time in your RV, intend to do so, or are simply looking to improve your RV vacation experiences, you are sure to find inspiration below.

Auto Air Conditioning Services

Saturday, May 11th, 2019

The ever-changing face of technology in the auto industry is quite visible in many things including car models, shapes and sizes. One of the things that have undergone a huge revolution in the auto world is air conditioning. Gone are the days when a driver had to do so many things all by himself.

Nowadays there are local companies that offer services that help a car owner to have the best air conditioning for their vehicle. Many local companies offering auto air conditioning services work in a certain guideline of rules and regulations and with the advent of environmental protection and awareness, many of these companies are supposed to work within certain limits. Within your local area, if you were looking for service centers, you will end up at a place where there are numerous complicated machines that do a good range of things. Some of the machines ensure that the car’s auto air conditioning is properly functional while others ensure that in case the system is in any way opened, the gases that escape will not find their way into the environment and will not affect the ozone layer with the help of our site.

The complications that have developed over the years simply mean that if you need your car to have the best air conditioning, you have to look out for the best professionals to help offer you the best air conditioning services. The technology involved might be difficult to perceive for a lay man because of its complexity but the professionals in the field are able to identify where exactly the problem on your car’s air conditioning might be. It is possible for someone to actually work on their hbcontrols air system themselves as long as they can grasp the workings of any ordinary temperature lowering design.

The elaboration is quite simple; there is need to have a gas like Freon and there is need to have this gas well kept in some vessel. Thereafter, one has to be able to apply pressure to the gas by use of technology in the name of a compressor. With time, when the Freon is getting pressurized, it will end up increasing in temperature by simply using up all the heat that is within its reach. It will therefore mean that as it gets hotter, the environment around it gets colder. If one can properly grasp this, then they can as well be on course to provide auto air conditioning services.

The complexity arises from the fact that many local places that offer the services actually have real professional hands on experience and are normally certified and verified by authorities as providers of the same service. In your local area, as you look for places where you can get these services, there is great need to be aware of what is involved so that you can know what exactly your car needs in case its air conditioning system somehow broke down.

Quality Plus Service

Thursday, May 9th, 2019

We love the RV lifestyle. That’s why we’re on the move! You’ll find us in the Mesa and East Valley area near Phoenix during the winter months and further north (where it’s cooler) in the summer – in the beautiful Prescott Valley.

As RVers ourselves, we treat our customers like the neighbors they are. This means we’re there when you need us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And there is no extra charge for emergency calls in the evenings and on week-ends.

Don is a RVDA-RVIA Certified Technician who has the latest tools and techniques to save you time and money on RV and motor home repairs. Don also cares enough to go beyond routine service at He likes people, especially RVers, and it shows! In this day of voicemail, he even answers his own phone – the first step to service that will surprise and please you.

RV Service is our business: RVing is our passion!

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

We’re Don and Sally, owners of Full Service RV and full time baby boomer RVers. We’ve moved to Arizona because Sally has wanted to live there since she visited as a child with her grandfather. We’ve brought our successful mobile RV repair service to the East Valley near Phoenix during the winter months and further north to the beautiful Prescott Valley during the summer.

We’re passionate about two things – the RV lifestyle and good RV repair service. We launched Full Service RV several years ago in San Antonio, Texas when we got frustrated with the service we were able to find when we needed it.

Full Service RV offers the kind of service we expect as fellow RVers. We treat our fellow RV resort residents as our neighbors. We may be able to solve your problem over the phone. If not, we’ll be there quickly, treat you fairly, and follow-up with you to make sure your RV repair problems are completely solved.

We think Don “street smarts,” years of mechanical experience with everything from boats to cargo trailers, his professionalism as a RVDA-RVIA Certified RV Technician and our old-fashioned work ethic work together to make our Full Service RV at a cut above the competition.

We enjoy our business as we do our lifestyle. Follow Full Service RV on Facebook!