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Helpful Tips

Tip #1: RV User Manuals. Keep them! Before you take your new or previously owned motor home RV home on the road, put that user manual and any documents on appliances or accessories in a safe place in the RV. The first time you need to repair or replace anything, you’ll be asked for details such as the manufacturer, model number, etc. and you will need those papers.

Tip #2: Decorating 101. Do it! If your husband has fallen in love with an older RV or motor home and you shudder to think about living in an eerie motel, take heart (and a paintbrush) to that wall paper. You’ll need a good primer, paint, tape, plastic to cover the floor, a trim brush, a roller brush, a bucket and some rags. Look for hypoallergenic paint that works well in small spaces, like Kurfees or Safecoat. And cover wall paper borders you don’t like with new ones from a wall paper store. You’ll be surprised and pleased with the results of one week’s work!

Tip #3 Safety First. Don’t forget to check your smoke alarms, CO2 detectors and propane detectors once a month. If your LP detector does not have a test button you can try spraying hair spray near it. (Thanks to Canadian colleague and RV technician Michael Windmill for sending in this tip!)


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